vlog: Roger the Mk3 Golf arrives at the new Pentagram Motorsport Workshop

The first three cars have now arrived at the new Pentagram Motorsport workshop and we take a look at the latest arrival, Roger the Mk3 Golf. After sitting for several years untouched in the garden, the car finally arrives ready to be worked on. We also take a look at the other two cars already at the workshop (Ralph the Golf GTI and Scarlet, the MINI R50 Cooper)

BMW E90 318i Coilpack Fault Finding Diagnostic and Repair N43 Engine Management Light Fixed

My daily driver, a 2008 BMW E90 318i developed an ignition issue. Engine Management Light on and a misfire.

This video shows how I diagnosed and fixed the issue using a Carista diagnostic tool, WD40 electrical contact cleaning spray and some electrical tape.

Features footage from  @fixingassets  I recommend you check out his channel.

Amazon affiliate links to products used; Carista diagnostic tool https://amzn.to/3S4KIZS WD-40 Electrical Contact Cleaning Spray https://amzn.to/3GtDsSE